Towards the fully automated monitoring of ecological communities

1st authorOpinion/PerpectivesReview/Synthesis
Besson M., Alison J., Bjerge K., Gorochowski T.E., Høye T.T., Jucker T., Mann H.M.R., Clements C.F.
Ecology Letters
Publication year: 2022

Effects of Virgin Micro- and Nanoplastics on Fish - Trends, Meta-Analysis, and Perspectives

1st authorReview/Synthesis
Jacob H., Besson M., Swarzenski P., Lecchini D., Metian M.
Environmental Science & Technology
Publication year: 2020

From the ocean to a reef habitat: How do the larvae of coral reef fishes find their way home? A state of art on the latest advances

Barth P., Berenshtein I., Besson M., Roux N., Parmentier E., Banaigs B., and Lecchini D.
Life & Environment 65:91–100
Publication year: 2015